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Nutrifish is acompany for fish feed manufacturing created in 2018. This company is located in Menzel Ennour State of Monastir- Tunisia and away 20 Km from the commercial port of Sousse.
Nutrifish gives a new dimension to food manufacturing and formulation in Africa by offering fish farmers adapted feed to local and African market conditions while maximizing the profitability of their livestock farming. The capacity production of this company can reach 40 thousand tons/year.

Our goal is to provide first and high quality final products with fast,healthy and low cost growth.

As a first in tunisia, our system aim to provid high digestibility of all our feed, our spray grinding can reduce particle size less than 300 microns and has been included double screw to the extruder system.

In order to ensure high growth performance from the first stages of juvinile fish, our feed, are prepared by using high quality raw material, by adding vitamins, minerals and immunostimulators combinations that are required for your fish.
Afin de garantir des performances de croissance élevées dès les premiers stades du poisson juvinile, nos aliments sont préparés en utilisant une matière première de haute qualité, en ajoutant des combinaisons de vitamines, de minéraux et d’immunostimulateurs nécessaires à aux poissons.

The goal of our technical experts is to provide high quality finished products with fast, healthy growth and low cost.
Our research team uses specific software to provide you with quality products and ensure a good nutritional value to your fish.
Each ingredient is subjected to a complete evaluation process before being incorporated into the formula. Rapid and reference analyzes of each ingredient allow us to specify the protein, fat and carbohydrate content. vitamins and minerals to formulate foods that meet the nutritional needs of each species.

In all production stages we are subjected to many analyzes and quality safety tests before delivered feed to our customers.

Nous accordons une haute importance à ce que notre service commercial accompagne et conseille nos clients avant l’achat, pendant l’élevage et l’évaluation des résultats …
Un client satisfait est notre meilleure publicité. Il nous est primordial que nos équipes se chargent de prendre en mains le suivi à toutes les étapes d’élevage.
Voilà pourquoi, une équipe dédiée a été mise en place pour intervenir rapidement.

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